About The Artist

Goldsmith and jewelry designer, Frøydis Adele Knapstad, was born in Norway in 1971 to parents who were also both goldsmiths.

From a very early age, Frøydis developed a unique expression with the materials and her designs.

After finishing school in 1994, Frøydis went on to study jewelry design in London at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Arts and Design. Her work has been represented by a number of galleries and goldsmith dealers throughout Europe.

The designs Frøydis creates capture a personal artistic expression and a delicate sense of form. Her work is primarily inspired by nature, with abstract floral lines that inspires a wide spectrum of associations for the beholder.

Her boutique is located in Gudhjem, a small coastal village on the  enchanting island of Bornholm. It is there between the sky and sea that expertise of materials and inspiration meld together to give the metal its artistic form.